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Talking Prime Rib

Peace rivkah,

For some reason I woke up at three in the morning. Figured now would be a good time to respond to posts eh? I too am glad that we have a place to discuss matters other than the norm. We can really thank hyssop for all this. He is doing the behind the scences work. I watch now and again as he messes with strings of code that I will myself one day have to mess with. He sees them like english.

I don't know where I was a short time ago. At most believing in mormonism. That only lasted for about 3 hours I think though. Almost directly after talking with missionaries I went to talk with hyssop:

"So you see 'searching' Three Days and Three Nights if you count them on your fingers..."

"woe, hyssop, let me see that...".

Since then I have been a believer. It has been a very short time for me. Less than a year really. So now every Sabbath I attend church with hyssop and ImAHebrew. Hyssop let's me eat dinner at his home on the Sabbath, and borrow his toothbrush . Well, raid the fridge at least. So I owe much to them. I owe for the patience of hyssop as well. However I was probably the easiest convert he ever had to talk to. I don't think everyone can be convinced in less than 4 hours. Well, maybe 20 minutes, and over 3 hours of questions. Sooooooo, Thanks hyssop.

Welcome rivkah, I hope we make your stay as edifying as possible.

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