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The two men on the "road to Emmaus" were sad because they thought Yeshua was going to redeem Israel (v.21). They didn't even realize that Yeshua was supposed to come out of the grave (v.25), or they would have known what had happened when they heard about the empty tomb (v.22-24). So, they weren't sad because they thought he hadn't risen. They were sad because they thought he had not "redeemed" Israel. They simply didn't understand- yet.
Originally posted by Hyssop
On the surface, Luke 24:21 certainly does seem to indicate that Sunday, the 1st day of the week, was the third day and not the fourth day from Y'shua's death and burial. If you consider Sunday as the third day (and not the fourth), I would like to see how you work out the day and time of his death and burial (would that be Thursday, now?) and the day and time of his resurrection such that it fits Matt 12:40 (3 days and 3 nights). Y'shua gave 3 days and 3 nights as his sign; how did he fulfill it? Please, lay it out for me--I can't get it to work out with Sunday early afternoon (a considerable time after his resurrection) being the third day.
This makes the most sense to me:
Wed at sunset-stone rolled in front of the tomb
Thursday-First day of Unleavened Bread "High Sabbath Day"
Friday-spices prepared by the women.
Saturday at sunset-Yeshua resurrected.
Sunday morning-empty tomb discovered.

I'm not saying this is absolutely they way the events happened. This is what makes the most sense to me though. The thing that gives me the most trouble is that we have scriptures that tell us He would rise on the third day AND we have scruptures that tell us He would rise after three days... THIS MESSES ME UP.

It IS possible that He died on Thursday. But then, in order for Yeshua to be in the grave for a full three days and nights, He wouldn't have risen until late Sunday! Perhaps the 72 hours isn't meant to be taken literally?????
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