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No, in Judaism there are no monastic groups...well, in Rabbinical Judaism of the pharisaic school of Hillel there isn't.

I do not say that there hsnt been people that weren't met with the fortune of marrying. But as a practice it is forbidden.

Now in Judaism of times past, there was the essenes. The essenes though, as I think personally that they are misunderstood in the public eye, were also an Elitist Hillelite group. The older men would leave their homes and study in seclusion and adapt upon themselves the stringent rules of the school of Shammai without imposing it upon the laity of the people of Israel. Most of the time the older men would separate fom their towns and wives to drive into the laity's heart and mind that material possessions arent what we as G-d's chosen should rely upon.

Unfortunately, from this grew a smallgroup which were "essenic" but never considered part of the camp. This group is known as the Qumranites. This group was monastic in nature but weren't considered the prevailing opinion of any kind of Judaism Hillel-pharisaic, Hillel-Essenic or Rabbinic. They were considered way-ward because of their monastic and proto-gnostic practices. The group the rabbi of Nazareth taught never followed such an example as theirs.
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