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Let the big dog eat

Greetings Gibor,

Welcome to the Forum! I hope your stay will be a pleasent one.

I have never heard of that man. I would not take too much stock in his idea though. I've had scarier dreams, with asparigus, peas, and beans. Or was that dinner? Never mind.

I am sure those in the United States will be judged, and everyone else on earth. The church doesn't exist solely in the United States. It is not as though other countries don't have deplorable churchs.

I feel that Dimitri Duittiman has been reading Revelation and has pinned down Babylon as the United States. I think he missed the donkey.

I had a dream I met Messiah once, this was before I met him. He merely said thank you. A Vision one day? Hey, who knows.

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Luke 2:14
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