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Old 08-09-2006, 10:36 PM
romeo romeo is offline
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The truth about God and Satan

If you would like to read more of this, please visit this site


Many have fallen deep into their minds and found the godhead, the source of
all knowledge and many have gone insane. The truth is shocking; you need a
bullet proof brain to endure its mind numbing revelations. Satan claimed
his son could appreciate any of Gods truths if given the chance. God agreed
to let him try.

A thousand times I tried writing this very serious book. Itís a bitch of a
story to tell, problematic to say the least. When it became evident I was
going to get the big picture of God and Satan, I thought it would be prudent
to take them in small doses. Worked ok, kept me sane and forced me to go
through it all, step by step. The road to the truth doesnít seem to make
any sense until nearing its end.

I will try to take you down this most difficult road; to spoon feed you tons
of what looks like bullshit so that the well hidden truth can be seen. Wish
me luck.

When I was a kid I heard that we use only a small percentage of our minds
potential. The scientists agreed. Why werenít we investing millions to
find ways to fix our brains? Nobody seemed to be concerned. For the next
couple of decades I thought a lot about it and studied human and animal

Finally I was struck by the light. I had triggered it by saying suppose
your eyes were looking inward instead of out and what you saw was really
inside your head. My girlfriend didnít understand so I repeated it a couple
of times and on the third try I felt as if the universe was actually being
sucked into my mind and I saw the light.

Since psychology had become my thing I welcomed the opportunity to play with
it. Its power could lead to insanity but I felt confident I could handle

To give you an idea of how it affects you letís suppose you are walking with
a friend and you see an airliner crash and burst into flame. Youíd be
riveted to the scene; you wouldnít turn to your friend and say. ďBy the
way, who won the game last night?Ē
The light, like the plane crash, grabs your attention and draws you in.
Itís hard to brake away.

At the time I didnít know Lucifer means the bearer of light. I hadnít
thought a light could come from him. The lights first revelation was that I
was God. Felt great! No more problems! I was so happy I just wanted to
sit there and enjoy it. I couldnít rid myself of this belief but
fortunately, whatever semblance of logic was left in me questioned the idea
of being God. If Iím God, I thought, I should know how the universe was

An image immediately formed in my mind. I not only saw but felt the
universe being sucked in and recreated three more times as if it was trying
to get it right. The fact that not only did I get an answer but that I
could see and feel it was very interesting.

A couple of decades later I learnt Satanists believe a new God will destroy
the universe, and recreate his own, or, the big black snake swallows the
universe and recreates his own.
Recently I heard that scientists, studying the origins of the universe,
canít figure out how come itís not anywhere near as lumpy as they expected,
it is spread out much too evenly; there should be huge chunks of the big
bang all over the place.

It would make sense if you believed it had been recreated three times.

Now we hear they discovered this mysterious antigravitational dark matter.
It accounts for their missing two thirds, or .666 of the universal mass.
The dark matter is expanding the universe. Itís as if Satan has accepted
this final creation and is dispersing it through his realm.

My question got the light going. My mind was bombarded with interesting
revelations. Since it was so powerful I was afraid that lingering on any
one of these new ideas and mental talents could damage my mind. Each
revelation was worth a lifetime of reflection. I only glanced at them and
figured that if I saw them even if only for a moment they would eventually
come back to me. I hurried and took in as much as I could.

The light is a master programmer. The things I saw came back to me at a
slower pace, some would become more understandable and useful to proceed and
others would be painful but I now had the natural ability to pull away. The
disagreeable parts I experienced more than once. The second time at a bad
scene, no matter how upsetting it was the first time, became easy to handle,
as if I was building immunity. The process took 27 years to complete.

The prophets have seen the light and Iím certain they did their best to show
you the way. Religions all say the same thing, have patience and love your
neighbour; they are of little use to you if you donít live by this golden
rule. The prophets could not reveal the secrets of heaven to people who
thought they lived on a flat world.

I saw my soul live through the key moments in its eternal existence. All
our souls are connected to the godhead, the space-time continuum, the
wormhole, the God within or whatever you want to call it.

God and Satan took me to school, taught me how to see the lay of the land.
They wanted to keep us within certain parameters. I saw more then they
wanted me to see, found strong helpful spiritual allies who got a kick out
of God and Satan predicaments.

My theories are just that, theories, and may be off the mark. What I tell
you I saw is exactly what I saw, itís all true, I swear on my very precious

The story I lived through is sensible, interesting, exciting and often very
funny. Trouble is I didnít catch all the clues; Iím not a scholar or a
scientist, Iím not even a writer. Iím positive many of you will understand
what I missed. It only makes sense that it will take a team effort to get
it all straight.

So when you see something I didnít get right please let me know. Selected
comments will be included. If a professional writer wants to help he or she
is most welcomed. If you stick to the facts I will gladly replace my stuff
with yours. Could take a while but eventually we should end up with a very
good book.

Iím not just some clown with a couple of fancy ideas, this is the epic
adventure of our souls through spiritual history, itís the key to our next
step in evolution and by its very nature the best story ever told.
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Old 08-09-2006, 11:03 PM
smadewell smadewell is offline
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just some clown? no. just someone with a spin on things that smacks of Gnosticism. you know, if we spent half the time perfecting ourselves and repairing the world that we spend on chasing after wild geese and digging into theological minutia ... this world might not be such a bad place.
"What is mine is yours and what is yours is yours."
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Old 08-09-2006, 11:08 PM
romeo romeo is offline
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In history, it has always been those people who are thought to be wasting time, and crazy who end up being correct. Remember, the world isn't flat, and we are not the center of the universe
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Old 08-10-2006, 07:21 AM
smadewell smadewell is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Midwest, USA
Posts: 41

Originally Posted by romeo
In history, it has always been those people who are thought to be wasting time, and crazy who end up being correct. Remember, the world isn't flat, and we are not the center of the universe
Far be it for me to call anyone crazy. As to wasting your time.... What value does your belief that the universe is an egg in the belly of a cosmic serpent have? How long do you plan to live? Long enough to do something about it? Of what personal and present value is such a symbol system?

This is why the plebeian sages told people not to concern themselves with speculations and musings about what is below, what is above, what was before and what shall be after. This is why the Judaism of today doesn't fixate on the "pie-in-the-sky" that Christians do. Judaism is about the here-and-now. Even Jewish mysticism, which contains Gnostic currents, focusing on the "repairing" of this universe.

Life's too short to be worried about the universe. How 'bout we all just work on perfecting ourselves and make a positive impact in the here-and-now? Now there's a crazy idea for you.... Is that a waste of time?
"What is mine is yours and what is yours is yours."
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Old 08-10-2006, 09:04 AM
romeo romeo is offline
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Quite personally, I am more worried about the here and now as im an atheist. My friend on the other hand.. he isn't worried about it as he believes this as much as anyone possibly can.
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Old 11-05-2006, 11:59 AM
ZeevBenyamin ZeevBenyamin is offline
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if the belief stated had some sort of practicality to it rather than a theoretical idea, which many of them are made and sound great but have no use at all to people of any time period, then I would be happy to learn more about it.

The sages, as smadewell spoke of, weren't neccessarily only concerned with the here-and-now in its literal form. In fact, they were concerned with their future state, and the only way to ensure that their future state would be secured is by taking care of the here-and-now and giving it all the attention needed.
This comes from a principle that we have which comes from the prophet Isaiah, "The end can be known by the beginning." (paraphrased).

Again, the idea mentioned above is purely theory and there seems to be no application of it in the here-and-now and no way of affecting the outcome. Then that is surely of no interest to me. In disproving the world being flat had many practical applications for water travel, sailing, calculations and so forth, so your reasoning in using this as an example is debunked.

At the very least, we in Judaism, have a mechanism to repair this world and the universe itself and the future... at the very least we are given something to do rather than to just sit in the clouds. We are souls that are given bodies to DO something in this world. Our soul takes things from the lofty places and translates them into this physical world to affect what goes on, what will go on in the "spiritual".

And in you being an Athiest you should have no concept of what is Satan or G-d, in fact they should both be equal to you. If you believe in Darwanism, the fact that serial murderers exist should be according to the laws of the evolved species or rather the superior species/dominant gene in the gene pool and those that are kind-hearted are those that will fall away to be lost from the gene pool. "only the strong survive" as the urban code is dictated.

Yet, it is a fact that most athiests are not serial murderers but good, philanthropic humanitarians. However, going back to the OP it is simple to deduce that the above has no practical and realistic case. It is only a nice idea...but most evidently, a waste of time.

I suggest what Smadewell suggested: we should focus on bettering ourselves, bettering those we have responsibility over (like our families), bettering our society and community, thus bettering the world.

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