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Old 06-23-2012, 10:40 AM
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The New Nature

Our Nature will Become Evident From our Actions

The difference between the two Adam’s in our history is the need to be sure we are identifying with the right one. Understanding and acting upon who we are in Yeshua is the basis for successful growth and maturity. Our daily performance is often marked by personal failure and disobedience, which disappoints us and disrupts the harmony of our relationship with Yahweh. In our attempts to understand the disobedience which so often disturbs our walk with Yahweh, are we unwitting victims of our old nature. Our old nature which we have inherited from the disobedience of the first Adam, is like a big black dog. But, through the redemptive work of the second Adam “Yeshua,” Yahweh put a new nature in us when we got born anew, and that new nature is like a big white dog. Whenever we involve ourselves in worldly thoughts or behavior, we are feeding the black dog. Whenever we focus our mind and activities on matters of the new nature, we are feeding the white dog. The dog we feed the most will eventually grow stronger and overpower the other.

Yahweh has not given us the power to imitate him, he has made us partakers of his nature, so that we can actually be like him. He did not say, “Here are my standards, now you measure up.” Yahweh knows we cannot solve the problem of the old nature by simply improving our behavior. He must change our old nature by infusing in us a new nature and makes us a partaker of his nature; we will be able to change our behavior. This is the experience of everyone who is the subject of the grace of Yahweh, and has received the gift of the new nature as the sign of Yahweh’s justification. Not the experience of one man in two successive stages, but the co-existence of the two experiences in the one man at the same time. When we choose to walk according to the old nature in which we were trained before becoming born anew, such behavior violates our new nature. When this happens, we feel convicted because our behavior is not in keeping with who we really are. In fact, if a person does something which they know is morally wrong, but feels no conviction, we should seriously doubt that that person is a child of Yahweh. Conviction is another evidence of the presence of the new nature.

We commit sin when we willfully allow ourselves to act independent of Yahweh, as our old nature did as a matter of course. When we function in this manner we are violating our new nature. So why do we still react as if our old nature is still in control of our behavior? Because, while we served under it, our old nature trained and conditioned our actions, reactions, emotional responses, thought patterns, memories and habits in our brain. During the years we spent separated from Yahweh, our worldly experiences thoroughly programmed our brain with thought patterns, memory traces, responses and habits which are alien to the nature of Yahweh. Our brain still generates humanistic thoughts and ideas, and our old nature is that part of us which was trained to live independent of Yahweh before we were born anew, ignorant of his ways and determined to succeed and survive by our own abilities. When we became born anew, Yahweh infused in us a new nature, but he did not press the “clear” button in our brain. So while our new nature desires to live dependent upon our Father, our old nature persists in suggesting ways to live independent of Yahweh.
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