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Old 12-12-2010, 04:21 AM
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to live in a land without Judgement.

it is so strange, [once the Holy Spirit becomes our teacher,] to think of the OT other than a 'schoolmaster'' that sat in judgement of all Israel, so none could keep the laws of Moses and sin and death was the result of this dispensation.
Death ruled.
There are many millions of church goers who delight in keeping selective parts of the law to the Jews to their peril.
Hence they are JUDGED and die.
Ofcourse none understand this, and are ignorant, that ''if one tries to keep the law to the jew and misses one, according to the NT he becomes guilty of mark missing them all''. Judgement under the sin and death prevailed but Yahshua came and ABOLISHED DEATH by the Gospel [ 2 tim. 1 v 10].
Now, as a believer, we no longer come under condemnation as we are trained to live LIFE IN THE SPIRIT - a new realm opened with a New High priest.

As we begin to amend our mind, we find His Peace there.
We learn to WAR against the darkness [death - fleshy thinking of this world and its appetites] as Yahshua said ''even the hairs on your head are numbered'' as we are KEPT in His care.

I found something interesting here.
The hairs on our heads contain nitrogen atoms which are fused into our hair, and a few strands contain billions of atoms.
These atoms are forms of energy.
Jesus is telling His People BY RHEMA revelation, that His energy is available to us, we just have to KNOW HOW TO USE IT, so we dont dwell under judgement [like the OT dispensation] but under the LIFE dispensation- He is calling out a nation of kings and priest for Himself.

The Holy Spirit DIRECTS our brain waves, so we EAT now from the tree of Life [hidden manna] and this gives us HIS ENERGY, to overcome all things inc. the last enemy called death. The Holy Spirit shall teach believers, functions and position, Just as He did to Jesus.
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Old 12-12-2010, 07:48 PM
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Apostle paul considered all his learning

prior to being apprehended by Yahshua as dung.
I guess it was the same to a believer today, when they too are apprehended by Christ.

“But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish that I may gain Christ….”
as Paul was - so must we be - to UNLEARN, to DISCONTINUE, TO CEASE FROM learning about this Babylonian world called VANITY and to ALLOW CHRIST TO BE FORMED in us and ''allow the sins of the generational fathers'' to cease their hold upon us.

CHRIST is very different from VANITY /CARNALITY.
The key to victory is to UNLEARN christianity~! and to UNDERSTAND how exactly to have CHRIST formed within.

We have to be disciplined in our mind for this, for it is NOT ''natural'' to cease from traditions and the sins of our religious and socially engineered father's opinons.
Their SINS are EMBEDDED into our gene life, that is why the ''sins of the father is visited upon their children''.

Go and look into any family - churched or otherwise to ''see'' the sins of these father's visited upon their family''.

THAT IS WHY, we need to TURN AWAY from these ''genes'' and deny them manifestations as Paul recommended.
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