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Old 12-14-2010, 02:24 PM
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protected, when IN a WEAKENED STATE

mth. 11 v 28-29-30
''come unto Me, all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest''.

HERE IS OUR SABBATH REST manifestation, our protection, and deliverance into the supernatural or our TRUE REALM restored.

yes, it is progressive
yes, we are weak
yes, we need divine help

but REMEMBER THE PRODIGAL SON and how the Father cared for him.

We are called 'the CHILDREN OF GOD'' we are not beasts, nor ascended from monkeys [as satans angels of light would want us to believe]why, Even Jesus told us from Ps 82 v 6.
Psa 82:6 I have said, Ye [are] gods; and all of you [are] children of the most High.
divine child - you have forgotten your roots.

place yourself inside this divine SABBATH rest and dont move out from it by using the faith of the Son of God

We are vulnerable and in a weakened state, therefore, we need to progress into MATURITY AND BE BEGOTTEN AS JESUS.

FOLLOW, the divine NT advice for these are LIFE BUILDING BLOCKS, that shall take you from glory to glory - step by step we learn to decrease our wills.

Love God
Love other people, like yourself - we cannot go wrong.
because it brings forth the divine healing process - it is that simple

Jesus never flapped His gums with stupid CARNAL talk -NO- HE TOLD IT FOR US TO DO IT.
THERE WAS A REASON to make us whole.

unless we do this we shall not mature and we shall not walk in power
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Old 12-14-2010, 02:41 PM
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many say they love their god

but fail to love their neighbour, as themselves, correctly

They fail the HAPPINESS test.

what to do?
how did Jesus handle Judas?-there is our answer.

only the Holy Spirit can take away our ego [self love] so that all our Judas relationships are no longer a problem.

you see this is how it is = if your'e affected by the wrongs of your neighbour your'e not living a divine life but a carnal one. Oh yes, you make talk piously and write religiously millions do this, but, still possess THEIR FLESH and this shows they ''dont love their god''.
It is deception.

These are HARD LESSONS to learn.

When we are ''battling'' with our neighbour GODS POWER is not there no matter what we religiously study and say we know = YOU remain A MASSIVELY USELESS WITNESS.
because your'e disharmony DISTORTS the divine Holy Spirit energy.


JESUS walked in divine harmony and divine gridwork of holy Energy.
When we die to self, this NEW ENERGY quickens us into true Living.

why not practice LOVING
why not practice HARMONY WITH HIS ADVICE on this

yes, you will not get it right but hey PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.
Jesus practiced and got this because HE LEARNT IT by suffering and He made the way OPEN for us to BE AS HE IS.

He INTRODUCED a new way of energy power- so we too could overcome our flesh and vanity suffering the contradictions as He did.

In this world, Father is EXPOSING the darkness in high places and He shall expose the hatefull traits in us too.
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Old 12-14-2010, 05:41 PM
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the divine secret is to have

a shepherd's heart
Jesus did and so does His Living Believers.

Loving God our Father correctly
Loving Our Neighbour Correctly
makes us HIS SHEPHERDS correctly.

self and ego manifestations cannot make you a DIVINE SHEPHERD.

If you are His son [men and women believers] enemies shall encompass you completely. It is a test to see if you will make it to be His Shepherd over His flocks.
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Old 12-14-2010, 07:16 PM
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to love your neighbour is

to become EXPOSED to yourself

yes Sir, the self is truly exposed when we are commanded by the Saviour ''TO LOVE our neighbour''.

Did Jesus love Judas?
Let us look at how Jesus treated Judas [ the traitor] and there are ''traitors'' all around people.
Everywhere we look we can find a ''traitor'' and if we look at ourselves we are those traitors too.
It is an inherited trait.
A gross evil abnormality in all men.

but Yahshua will have His church, [as shepherds] without spot, wrinkle nor unclean thing.
Is God judging your house? cleaning it up, making it whole, taking out all those unclean items? I do hope so
in this natural world many things are being EXPOSED for all too see, traitors abound.
but what of the SHEPHERDS?
These people are being exposed to themselves, as the Bride makes herself ready.
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Old 12-15-2010, 05:33 PM
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love shepherds= yet allow themselves to be weakened

by the Holy Spirit.
We die to the strength of man and surrender up to the strength of the Holy Spirit.

When we allow ''mans rule'' over us and rely upon vanity and vain solutions and its opinions and systems it is ''the lunitics running the asylum'' ''the monkeys hold the keys''.

The christian church is run by vain lunitics- it is an ASLYUM containing cells of division that cannot make a whole.
a sect of man-made people under gross deception - Yahshua said '' they are wretched, blind and miserable'' - yet who believes this. BAD BEHAVIOUR PEOPLE.


There is a different remnant of people who are surrended up to the royal priesthood by seeking the Kingdom and seeking the truth of this Kingdom and seeking this Kingdom's Lord and His lordship over them and MAN does not play A ROLE IN THEIR LIVES AS THEY MATURE in surrendership of their will.
It is extraordinary how we are trained up to ''have no will'' but our Father's = these are a REMARKABLE people fashioned to be the exact same as Messiah.

dont be a naughty child
dont be a rebel = its insane

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