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Old 12-16-2010, 03:07 PM
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*DIS*abled people.

His remnant people are DIS-abled by being DIS-assembled from all previous conditions.

Disable- to make incapable or ineffective
GOD'S disablings.

The Good Shepherd says '' "I will watch over you with care and I will not leave you . I will tell you how to walk before Me" Ps 23

Then His people go into HIS DIVINE DIS-ABLINGS.

remember Jacob's Thigh?.
God FOCUSED upon DIS-abling Jacob's thigh so that his name was changed.
As it was with Jacob, it is a educational pattern for the remnant sons.
...'till his thigh-joint gave way, and he was rendered helpless and disabled.
See this please =rendered helpless and disabled - that is how Yahshua ''suffered'' too -He said '' Of My own self I can do nothing''.

All our anchors to vanity are pulled out so we can be MADE FREE.
to FLY AWAY from vanity and all its evil consquences.

Result from Jacob and Yahshua was.
They now FELT their helplessness and impotence.
They couldn't take care of themselves in any way, physically or spiritually; and on the ground of this helpless dependence, they prevailed with God.
- this position is our true sabbath rest - can you see this? it is not a day but a REALM OF UTTER DEPENDENCE AND TRUST UPON GOD.

not many people have this revelation, they rush around religiously celebrating a day never understanding IT IS A SABBATH REALM of trust and dependence.

It is during this DIS-abling that God dismantle ALL religious ideas and misunderstanding fashioned by babylon's greed and vanity.
All religious ideas ARE now counted as dung as HE REMOVES and REPLACES THEM WITH HIS VALUES AND BELIEFS.

He ''pressures'' the thigh so divine blessings shall come forth as ABUNDANT LIFE. [Jn 10 V 10]
THIS POWER COMES after our dis-ablings.
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Old 12-16-2010, 03:21 PM
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we suddenly recognise our Inability.

it never fails to amaze how UNABLE WE REALLY are.

We need to be ''pulled to safety''.

We should be so disciplined to WALK IN VICTORY no longer a VICTIM.

A woman i know, suddenly began to suffer depression and anxiety attacks, she was OK one day but not the next day. She has suddenly become a VICTIM and totally unable to get well except by man made medication.
sHE IS SO KNACKERED she cannot function correctly as she did before.
She is being DISABLED by vanity.
She has no knowledge of what is wrong or how to recover.
She is helpless.

Recently 30 people drowned in the sea.
No one standing by on the cliffs could help them, [these drowning children] were screaming out and seeking help, but none could as they watched helplessly as these people were dashed against the cliffs.

vanity is a cruel world and it is full of VICTIMS

I am being disabled as well, my will is progressively no longer my own but as i looked around and saw how cruel Vanity is, i needed God to DISABLE me NOT VANITY and its unholy lies and cruelity.

it is a PERFECT MARRIAGE - to surrender up to allow THE DIVINE HUSBAND TO TAKE CARE of His wife and family.

here is a prayer i found.
''O God of the helpless!
You have made us to see and FEEL our helplessness and inability to do anything but supplant Your care for us with our own spiritual care for ourselves.
We praise You for Your gift of personally disabling us with Your own hand, and bringing us into this land of rest.
Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude to You for the quiet expectancy we experience as we sense pressure, knowing that You are incapacitating us afresh into a new depth of helpless trust and dependence on You alone''.

written by "Gratitude''.
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Old 12-16-2010, 04:46 PM
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LOCKS IN PEOPLE TO ITS PROGRAMME of lies, decception governed by the ''murderer from the beginning''.

THIS MAKES SENSE TO ALL MEN, except the remnant living stones called sons of the royal priesthood

Once vanity LOCKS YOU INTO its system people die.
ONCE vanity LOCKS YOU INTO ITS SYSTEM OF LIES - your'e murdered by evil and its laws.
ONCE vanity LOCKS YOU INTO its religion and belief system - we need A SAVIOUR TO SAVE US.
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Old 12-17-2010, 12:31 PM
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the more we are dis-abled the more we ascend

the more we ascend the more our name [ very nature] is changed - to Israel ''a prince of God''.
The Spiritual Man within MUST dominate to OVERCOME VANITY [the law of sin and death]
Jesus prepared the way for us to do this successfully.
The first fruit overcomers, enter into the OUT RESURRECTION from the dead as they progressively become [in their inner man,] the nature of their Saviour.
they are dis-abled from vanity to be enabled to walk in the divine power of God
This is a BELIEVERS process, and there is nothing tangeable to hang onto but the Word and its revelation on ''how'' TO BE WORTHY TO ESCAPE

It is a process called RE-GENE-RATION.

notice the word ''gene'' here.

Or ''re gened'' back into the divine blueprint in spirit soul and body to REMAIN alive AS DEATH IS ABOLISHED within.

As we are DIS-ABLED our 'genes' begin to change back, hence our changed natures.

The Bloodline of Adam under the law of sin and death bearing the ''death-gene'' [meaning- mind games under the influenced of satan, PEOPLE MADE slaves to evil] ceases its stranglehold upon believers so they develop into the image of Christ

Its in the genes LIKE A VIRUS.
Its in the BLOODLINE.
generation after generation has this ac·cu·mu·la·tion of evil genes, ideas and values far removed from the DIVINE.
THESE DEATH GENES have to be altered.

BELIEVERS are progressively switched off from corruption and progressively PUT ON incorruption.
A whole new perspective overtakes them and they ''see'' with very different eyes.
The WORD IS LIVING, that is why we are to partake of LIVING IN YAHSHUA word and follow what HE SAYS.

THIS FOLLOWING after the Saviour, alters our heriditary death gene murder by satan and his law.
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Old 12-17-2010, 05:02 PM
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pt 2 the Kingdom of Heaven is a GOVERNMENT

Jesus OBEYED THESE KINGDOM laws and laid the NT laws for His FOLLOWERS. Ofcourse-Jesus filled the governement for the Jews then laid down KINGDOM LAWS for His believer.
Ofcourse this NEW PRIEST offered up eternal LIFE laws that the OT did not have. You cannot MIX the 2 laws [that is what Paul preached]. We as gentiles cannot be yoked to an old covenant.
Most REAP THE FRUIT of a dead covenant - the Ministry of condenmation/the ministry of death (2 Cor. Chapter 3)

200 different church denominations have 200 different beliefs - all die - not ACTUALLY from a dis-ease but under the law of sin and death THAT PROMOTES DISEASES - they were murdered by vanity.
Vain traditions of babylon killed them. Their genes held onto TRADITIONS and could not become FREED

Their minds were clouded by traditions and religious systems and un-natural beliefs for their spiritual man to assimulate correctly. Everything in vanity is UN-NATURAL to the human mind and body. That is why we have to decrease so our spiritual man - the real man can increase in Christ

That saying ''like father like son'' truly applies - their genes are intermingled and corrupted and the death gene survives right down the bloodline till today.
It is like a pathway of BLOOD CORRUPTION.

THIS AWEFULL condition has to be INTERRUPTED by being drawn by the SAVIOUR into His divine supernatural life forever. To escape we are to pray to be worthy so while He is drawing Believers, they now co-opperate by ''praying to be worthy''.
The gene line traitor within has to be killed off permanently by BELIEVING THE SAME AS THE SAVIOUR, AND THE NEW COVENANT TESTIMONY HE IS INTRODUCING.
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Old 12-17-2010, 05:21 PM
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Pt 3 Today..

it is so interesting to look at division churches to see what is really wrong and if we look closely it is all about DOING different things, that make the holy or pure or part of the kingdom or part of the Body of Christ- doing doing doing like Martha's who did NOT HAVE the revelation of DIVINE LIFE.
[jn 11 v 24-25-26]

CHURCH ARE DO-ERS but NOT DIE-ers on the cross.

that is why they die - they were off on an easy tangent of doing that those ''angels of light'' [unrighteous teachers told them to do] but they FAILED TO DECREASE their soul or the vain man called the carnal mind, who is death
How easy it is to ''have a saturday sabbath''.
dont eat this, dont eat that,
tithe 10% of your wages
how easy it is to give to the poor
how easy it is to give to your church and keep your pastor rich and lazy
how easy is it to give your time for 1 hr per week and to give a few bucks to some charity.

such an easy self righteous religion you have dears -Jesus pronounced 7 woes on such a pharisee religious mess that did NOTHING for nobody - the law of death won.

yes~! each sect has its own traditional death shroud.
All convinced their religious opinions are correct.
self seeking and self righteous.

Elijah said to Elisha ''you ask a HARD THING'' when seeking the mantle of Elijah.

WE are to STAND and face our test [overcome vanity] with CONFIDENCE AND TRUST IN MESSIAH'S saving powers - to be proven faithfull and true- so we cannot be MOVED back into evil and its corruptions.
THERE IS NOTHING to cling to BUT HIS WORD, no evidence at all BUT during this time of our ''lessenings'' we WAX STRONG IN THE SPIRIT AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT. amen
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Old 12-18-2010, 03:43 AM
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prt 4 THE MOST DIFFICULT part is

man ceasing from his own labour stop doing.

stop religious doing
dont tithe
dont do church on saturdays or sundays.
stop being conned.

dont give anything at all BUT YOUR FAITH, as a grain of mustard seed to the Saviour and watch yourself grow and mature

Just RECEIVE UNMERITED FAVOUR AND SIMPLY REST in the completed work of the cross [Math 11 v 28-29-30].

what is this ''resting''?
resting is putting faith to work for us - just as Messiah did.
Yeshua is the AUTHOR and the FINISHER of our faith.
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