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Everlasting Life Experience

Everlasting Life Experience

By Ron McGatlin

Life involves much more than conscious existence. There is an experience of spiritual everlasting life that is above and beyond natural life. Also, there is a natural life or existence apart from God that is empty and more like living death.

There is an awakening of everlasting life coming to many secular and religious people including Christians. People who have been trained to seek knowledge of life and yet have not walked in the experience of everlasting life are awakening to a potential of an inner quality of life of God that is above and beyond natural existence and religious living.

Manís knowledge applied through human initiative can accomplish many impressive works. However, without God those marvelous works will never lead to everlasting life experience, but they will lead toward an existence that is void of real life.

The knowledge of godliness without the experience of it in life is empty and vain, like puffed up dry clouds of no value or usefulness (1 Cor 8:1) (Jude 1:12). Knowledge alone can do nothing constructive until it is made alive in life experience. Knowing the Bible word without the Spiritís appropriation of it into the life is powerlessness.

Intimately knowing the WORD, Christ Jesus, who abides within His people, is the source of the abundant kingdom of heaven life that is above and beyond natural life.
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