A TZADDIK shall live by his faith

(Habakkuk 2:4)
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Fundamental to our faith is the knowledge concerning the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus on the 3rd day as taught by Jesus and His original witnesses. You might ask, "IS this knowledge about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, as written in either the Law of Moses, the Psalms, or the Prophets, necessary for a TRUE believer to understand?" My answer is a resounding, YES. This information is basic, fundamental, and the beginning of knowledge; it is like honey and milk--what a baby first receives. So also, an infant in Christ is nourished with this information. Jesus, after His resurrection, "opened" the minds of His disciples to "see" what was WRITTEN (Luke 24). His disciples were given certain KNOWLEDGE or GNOSIS concerning what was WRITTEN in the Law of Moses. Paul also preached as of FIRST importance the fulfillment of what was WRITTEN in the scriptures (1 Corinthians 15:1-4).

This information was lost over 1800 years ago; it went into the grave with those who knew about it. But don't be discouraged; Jesus said He would not let death prevail against His Church. Satan knows this information is going to be restored, and that is why he has raised up other so-called "end time" churches. He raised them up, so that when the TRUE Church of God is resurrected and starts preaching the Gospel, the Church will be viewed as just another cult. Satan has always broadcast his deceptions in an attempt to mislead the young and innocent into believing that they will live forever without obeying God. But take heart, the wall of deception that surrounds this world is soon to crumble.

The set of scriptures in the Law that positively shows the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus on the 3rd day is looked upon by Judaism as THE "fundamental or basic" ritual of the Torah. This ritual of the Red Heifer is basic because it requires purification before engaging in any temple worship. The Jews do not currently "see" Jesus written into these scriptures, but they will before He returns. At this time, they recognize that before any sacrificial, temple worship can begin, the priesthood must go through the requirements of this ritual. That is why they earnestly seek to find the Ashes of the Red Heifer. Now concerning these Ashes, Judaism states in her writings that Solomon in all his wisdom despaired understanding the secret meaning of the Ashes. Herein is the problem: the Ashes can cleanse the defiled, but they can also defile the clean. In her mind, Judaism cannot understand how something that cleanses can defile, or how something that defiles can cleanse. If one understands (has Gnosis of) the TRUE Gospel, one can then understand how this is possible. Jesus is the Red Heifer. He fulfills with precision all the requirements concerning the sacrifice of the Red Heifer.

Look at the similarities....

The Red Heifer was to be without spot or blemish and a yoke could have never been on it. Jesus was without sin and was never yoked by the slavery of sin.

The Red Heifer had to be first taken to a sub-priest (Eleazar, a relative of the high priest, Aaron); Jesus was first taken to Annas, sub-priest and relative of the high priest, Caiaphas.

The Red Heifer was to be taken outside the camp, slaughtered, and burned. Jesus was also taken outside the city and crucified (His suffering was as a burning) Hebs 13:11 & 12.

Three ingredients were to be cast into the midst of the burning of the Heifer (cedar wood, scarlet wool, and hyssop). These three ingredients were present at the suffering of Jesus, (the cross, the Roman soldiers, and the final ingredient presented to Jesus--hyssop). The burning of the Heifer was complete once hyssop was lifted up to Jesus, and this is why He also said, "It is finished." THUS, HE DIED AS "WRITTEN" BY MOSES.

After the Heifer was burned, what remained was Ashes. After Jesus suffered and died, what remained was His dead body. A clean man was to gather the Ashes and place them in a ceremonially clean place outside the camp. Joseph of Arimathea was a good and upright man and had not consented to the decision of the counsel; He gathered the dead body of Jesus and placed it in a tomb outside the city in which no one had ever lain. This tomb was hewn out of solid rock and qualifies as a vessel, for any vessel WITHOUT a lid covering it was unclean; that is why a stone was rolled in place to cover the tomb. THUS, HE WAS BURIED AS "WRITTEN" BY MOSES.

In order for the unclean to be SEPARATED FROM their sin and the defilement of death, it was required that Living Water be ADDED to the ASHES in the VESSEL. ETERNAL LIFE had to be ADDED to the DEAD BODY of JESUS in the GRAVE. Plain and simple, this is basic. God is Spirit, the Fount of Living Water. In order to purify us from sin, the Spirit had to be ADDED to JESUS in the grave. THUS, HE WAS RESURRECTED AS "WRITTEN" BY MOSES.

Jesus said that if any believe in Him, Living Water (eternal life) would flow from them. He was referring to the Spirit of Life. The Spirit gives life, and God raised His Son through the Spirit.

Is this gnosis so DEEP and MYSTERIOUS that only a GNOSTIC can "see" it? All it takes is Jesus' Spirit of Life opening this truth to you. If you don't see it, you aren't being called. If you do see, you will begin to realize that you have entered into a process of being separated from your sin through the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus. It was because of YOU and ME that He did suffer so. The purpose of His suffering is to stop you from sinning. Once you have been sprinkled with this gospel (the testimony of your defilement in the death (ashes) of Jesus), then you should bury your defiled dead body in baptism (wash) and rise up to a totally new life in Jesus where you no longer follow the desires of your flesh. From the heart, we hate sin because our sin killed Jesus. THUS, WE HAVE PARTICIPATED IN THE DEATH, BURIAL, AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS AS "WRITTEN" BY MOSES; this is the Gospel.

Do you think baptism is just a New Testament requirement? Your baptism fulfills what the Law requires the unclean person do AFTER they are SPRINKLED with the Ashes. Jesus knew there would be no one left undefiled after His death and burial. Therefore, He knew He would rise on the 3rd day to SPRINKLE the unclean. The clean man (Jesus) would use hyssop to sprinkle, that is, verbal rebuke--"O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken: Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into his glory?" THUS, JESUS WAS RAISED ON THE 3RD DAY AS "WRITTEN" BY MOSES.

This information is the fundamental, the FIRST teaching of what one is to receive or believe. A TRUE believer would not reject it. There is much more to learn, but one must sup from the breast before one can receive solid food.

Can you, now, fathom how something that defiles could cleanse? We were all DEFILED in the death of Jesus, because we ALL killed Him. But once that information is sprinkled on you, if you believe you did sacrifice Him, you will be CLEANSED from your sin...you will stop sinning from the heart. This is what God is trying to teach you..Titus 2:11-15.

The gospel taught by traditional christianity is a FALSE gospel. Jesus DID NOT die in your STEAD. He died to bring about the remission of sin in your life (to separate you from your sin). God's justice would have never required His only innocent Son to die in the place of the wicked in order to forgive them. The SOUL that SINS shall DIE. You need to believe that YOU died in Christ, not that He died in YOUR stead. When Jesus died, all died with Him. He was the Life of the world, so when He died, everyone died. The Red Heifer teaches that Jesus was not a substitutional sacrifice. Come to your senses, believe what is written in Moses ("For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me. But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?"), and flee from sin.

May you all grow in the Grace and Gnosis of our Lord Jesus.

Last Modified: 7/22/2012