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    I accidentally typed in just (without the word "forums) and ended up at an interesting home page.

    But I noticed that there was nowhere on that home page to access the forums. Is that an oversight, or are you not wanting it to be accessed by everyone?

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    Peace Rivkah,

    We are currently fidgiting with many things. There should be a link up soon. The board itself will have some changes done to it as well. That site you talked about are the views of the Tzaddikim, and is accesable by clicking on the home page at the bottom as well. Peace.



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      Dear Searching ~

      You have done a wonderful job here. I am thrilled at browsing through the home page, at your subjects. Because as you probably know, the other forum that we participated in, well, it can get very frustrating. But I am renewed by talking to people who are willing to "think outside the box," are willing to accept ideas that they have never heard before, etc. I know, I was there just a short time ago, and if it hadn't been for the patience of those who came before me, I would have still been sucking on the milk. But I have started chewing on steak, and it tastes good.


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        Prime Rib

        Peace rivkah,

        For some reason I woke up at three in the morning. Figured now would be a good time to respond to posts eh? I too am glad that we have a place to discuss matters other than the norm. We can really thank hyssop for all this. He is doing the behind the scences work. I watch now and again as he messes with strings of code that I will myself one day have to mess with. He sees them like english.

        I don't know where I was a short time ago. At most believing in mormonism. That only lasted for about 3 hours I think though. Almost directly after talking with missionaries I went to talk with hyssop:

        "So you see 'searching' Three Days and Three Nights if you count them on your fingers..."

        "woe, hyssop, let me see that...".

        Since then I have been a believer. It has been a very short time for me. Less than a year really. So now every Sabbath I attend church with hyssop and ImAHebrew. Hyssop let's me eat dinner at his home on the Sabbath, and borrow his toothbrush . Well, raid the fridge at least. So I owe much to them. I owe for the patience of hyssop as well. However I was probably the easiest convert he ever had to talk to. I don't think everyone can be convinced in less than 4 hours. Well, maybe 20 minutes, and over 3 hours of questions. Sooooooo, Thanks hyssop.

        Welcome rivkah, I hope we make your stay as edifying as possible.