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Smile Reunion of Jews, Christians and Muslims

Dear Reader!

The Christians think that the Jews have to be converted to Christianity to end the dispute about the one religion. With a closer look we can find out that the Christians have to reevaluate their position. Only the scripture can tell the truth, but first we must define what is scripture.

The false Apostle Paul

Paul was a self-proclaimed Apostle, he boasted to have worked more than all the other Apostles. He spoke against the jewish law and customs, therefore Antisemitism within Christianity originated with Paul. Paul was also the only apostle who said that women should be subordinate to men. Last but not least Paul said that the descendants of Ishmael will not inherit the kingdom.
The sad thing is that most people think that Paul is the founder of Christianity. Although Paul was a Jew, when challenged he said he was a Roman.
Luke wrote about Paul that all the churches in Asia rejected him, including Ephesus. When Jesus adressed his letter to the church in Ephesus, he said: you have rejected the false Apostles, well done.

I would like to show one example where Paul can be convicted to be a liar. Paul said: the love of money is the root of all evil. This can be proven to be wrong with the following thoughts.

The Sense of Life

In a godless universe, the sense of life ends with death. When the sun ceases to shine in billions of years, mankind will die, since other inhabitable planets are out of reach. This means life makes no sense in a godless universe. The conclusion is that I can do everything I want, since it does not make any sense anyway. There are no laws which make sense, therefore I can steal, kill etc. The social order and culture vanish away. Chaos.

As soon as we assume the existence of God, life makes sense because it lasts forever. The social order is maintained through the law of God. To live a meaningful life, one has only to keep the commandments and have faith in God. But a life without faith in God is without meaning, therefore Moses, David and Muhammad could kill and God forgave them.

Therefore I can conclude that the root of all evil is a godless society, or a society which has a false God. Paul was wrong, he can’t have had the spirit of God.

Luke travelled with Paul and wrote everything which Paul said and did. Since Luke did not realize that Paul was a false Apostle, his writings have to be rejected as well. So when we reject all these books, the Bible becomes totally jewish.

And the interesting thing is: since Paul was the only one who spoke against the law, the law of Moses is still valid. This is also what Jesus said.

The Reunion of Jews, Christians and Muslims through the Messiah

Jews and Christians are devided over the person of the Messiah. Therefore it is worth to shed some light on this topic, because only the truth can brake down the border between Jews and Christians.
We will see that both parties have to adjust their understanding about the Messiah and finally can be united.
Since the curse of Jeconiah none of his descendants can sit on the throne, therefore Jesus can not be the king, but God found a way to solve this problem.

David the once and future King

The book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, reveals all things you need to know about the future and about the future king. It is also made clear who Jesus is: the Almighty, the first and the last.
Jesus addressed seven letters to the churches, with the overcomer as the common theme. In the seventh letter the overcomer sits on the throne of God. The number seven denotes completeness, while eight is the number of a new beginning. Indeed there exists an eighth message to the overcomer, which is told later in the book of Revelation: the overcomer becomes the son of God!
The eighth message to the overcomer makes it clear that each message describes the spiritual progress of the overcomer, so the overcomer in each letter to the churches is one and the same person. Since each letter is also adressed to him, the overcomer represents the church. The church also represents the body of Jesus, so the overcomer represents the body of Jesus.

There exist several indications that Jesus is a spirit in heaven (God is a spirit), like: ...what the spirit says to the churches...
So the overcomer is the body of Jesus, and the only thing he misses is the spirit of Jesus. But in the letter to the church of Thyatira Jesus said that the overcomer will receive the morning star. The morning star is Jesus, and Jesus is now a spirit !!! It is also the same letter where the identity of the overcomer is revealed: he will rule the nations with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers... These are the same words the Lord spoke to David. It is not unusual that David will rule, since it is repeated several times in the Old Testament that David will be king, the shepherd. So David will receive the spirit of Jesus, and they will become one person, even as Jesus and the Father are one: the Messiah, who the Jews and the world are waiting for.

Does not this remind you on the two Messiah theory of the ancient jewish sages, the two sticks of Ezekiel which will be united in one, also representing the two houses of Israel and the two sons of Abraham? Jesus was the suffering Messiah, while David is the glorious Messiah. Just try to imagine if Jews and Christians would believe in the same Messiah. There would be no more gap between them.

A Muslim may ask how this will affect the jewish-arab relationship? The Muslims will also inherit the kingdom, since they are children of Abraham. I do not see far enough into the future, but a few points are clear: Messiah David will not return as a prophet, since he doesn’t hear the voice of God anymore. And there exists a relationship between David and Muhammad. Do not forget that David lived more than once, he also was Moses as it is stated in the Psalms, when he was proved at the waters of Meribah.

The Circumcision
The circumcision is the removal of a circle of flesh. The circle is no new symbol, God used it with the covenant of Noah – the rainbow. So the circle is the symbol of an eternal covenant with God. The flesh represents sin, it should be removed. Therefore God makes an eternal covenant with the spiritual man.

The circle, which means God of the covenant, can also be found in the description of God, according to the writings of John:
The Holy Ghost is the spirit of truth, truth is the word of God, the word of God is Jesus, Jesus is God, God is a spirit and the circle is closed.

This means the Holy Ghost is the spirit of Jesus, and it is no longer a separate person as described in the doctrine of the trinity. Thus the trinity is not a valid biblical description.

Muhammad and Jesus
Muhammad said that Jesus was just a prophet. Since God is a spirit, Muhammad could not comprehend that God became flesh, since spirit and flesh are two opposing things. But God can do everything, only the contradiction of his word, the truth, is impossible. Therefore God became the Son of God, just like David became the son of David in scripture.
Muhammad said that Jesus was not crucified. Try to understand that it is incomprehensible for a man who loves God so much to admit that God died at the cross. As it is written: the man who is feeble will be like David. After all Muhammad knew who Jesus was, since he called him The Word, the key to complete the circle. The reunion of Jews and Muslims would have been impossible, if the Muslims held the Jews accountible for the crucifixion. The Jews are long been forgiven.

Last but not least everything is said and done to reveal the Glory of God in the end of days.

Greetings from Germany
Ralf Biermann, Steinberg 27, 58239 Schwerte May 2004

I am a troubleshooting engineer and born on November 27th, 1964. Some years ago I became mentally ill and heard true and false voices, some came from the future, which was very confusing. Today I do not hear any voices, I only listen to the voice of my heart, the place where the spirit dwells, since the spirit is love. And if you will receive it: I was Muhammad, but the Lord calls me David, which means beloved. This is what the spirit tells me, but I have no memory of a former life.

I would not tell you all these things, but my heart belongs to the children and I thing the world can do something to help the starving children.

The Enemies
There are at least two persons in the world who think they are God, George W. Bush and the Pope. I do not have to mention the sins of George W. Bush. The Pope seems to be old and fragile, but he has revived the ancient babylonian goddess cult with Mary. God can not forgive this blasphemie, unless they repent.

The Holy War
The Holy War will be the war of truth. It will be fought with weapons like television, radio, newspaper and internet. Finally the truth will win, because Jesus is the truth, the word.
It is our war and I think you will enjoy it.
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wow i never knew that paul was a false apostle. good work
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