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    Shalom Mishpochah,

    A friend of mine has compiled the following. I thought you might like it:

    Tol'doth Yeshua ha Mashi'ach

    Greetings and Shalom,

    Since Hebrew names have meanings, several years ago, my study partner and I decided to do a Hebrew name study on the geneology of Yeshua from Luke 3, starting with Adam and back to Yeshua.

    The manner of interpretation was as follows:

    1)We used the direct meaning of the specific name from lexicons and dictionaries, and even scriptures where the reasons why they were named "so and so" is given; like Sheth being "Appointed", where his mother said, "For Elohim, said she, has appointed unto me another..etc"; we also consulted other writings, particularly Enoch and Jubilees.

    2)Another method, where the names were no longer known or appeared to us that they may have another meaning by way of their spelling, like M'thushelach being "Man of the dart" according to lexicons, we removed the Nikkudim (Vowel points) and viewed it as "M'tho" (His Death), and "Shalach" (Shall Bring/Send). This removal of the Nikkudim rendered the text in its original form; this manner of interpretation was a method often used in the Bahir, Zohar, and Midrashim. One example of this is as follows:

    "'O daughter of Gallim (GLYM)' Y'sha'yahu/Isaiah 10:30: as the waves (Gallim~ GLYM) are conspicuous in the sea, so are the patriarchs in the world. Another interpretation of 'O daughter of Gallim (GLYM)' is to read the text as 'O daughter of Golim (GLYM),' i.e. 'O daughter of wanderers'...etc" ~Midrash Lamentations Rabbah (The Proems of the Sages).

    Although we have a complete draft of this endeavor, we still debate over certain interpretations. However, what is remarkable, is in the beginning of this work, we did our own seperate interpretations without consulting one another, and the results were similar.

    It should also be noted, that when we began working on this that another Brother in the Lord, who was very interested in what we were doing, showed us a transcript he had from a Radio Bible Study he heard, and it turned out that someone else had done a similar thing, but only from Adam to Noach. So our work really isn't all that original, but it certainly was interesting to see another had similar interpretations from Adam to Noach, and we considered this to be a confirmation to procede all the way to Yeshua.

    Here, then, is the interpretation (Sorry for the lack of Hebrew fonts):

    Pt-I: Adam~Noach
    1 Adam= “Mankind”
    2 Sheth= Appointed; from Shath~ Appointed: “...and called his name Sheth: For Elohim, said she, has appointed (Shath) me another...” B’reshith /Genesis 4:25.
    3 Enosh= Mortal; from Anash~ Mortality due to sickness.
    4 Keynan= Sorrow; from Kiynah~ Lamentation, derived from Konen~ Sing Mournfully.
    5 Mahalal'el= The Praised God; from Mahalal~ Praised, and El~ God.
    6 Yered= Descends; from Yarad~ Descend.
    7 Chanokh'= Instructing; from Chanakh’~Instruct.
    8 M'thushelach= His Death Shall Bring; from M’tho~ His Death, and Shalach~ Shall Bring.
    9 Lamekh'= To The Afflicted; from the pre-fix L’~ To, and Makkah~ Afflicting, as with plague or sickness.
    10 Noach= Rest; From Noach~ Rest: “Call his name Noach xn, for he will be a remnant for you, whereby you will have rest (Noach)” Sepher Chanokh/Book of Enoch 106:18.

    "Man is appointed mortal sorrow, but the praised God descends, instructing that His Death shall bring to the afflicted rest."

    Pt-II: Shem~Terach
    11 Shem= “Name”, referring to YHVH.
    12 Ar'pakh'shad= The Lion Pouring Devastation/The Light Raining Desolation; from Ara~ A Lion / Or~ A Light, Pakhah~To Pour or Dropping Down as in Rain, and Shod~Desolation or Devastation.
    13 Keynan=Sorrow; from Kiynah~ Lamentation, derived from Konen~ Sing Mournfully.
    14 Shalach= Shall Bring; Shalach~Shall Bring.
    15 Ever= Overflowing; from Avar~ Overflowing.
    16 Peleg= Division; “...he called his name Peleg; because in his days the earth was divided (Niph’l’gah)...” I Div’rey Ha Yamim/1 Chronicles 1:19
    17 R'u= Evil; “...he called his name R’u, for he said: Behold the children of men have become evil (Ra).” Yovelim/Jubilees 10:18.
    18 S'rug= Interwoven; from Sarag~To Interweave.
    19 Nachor= Fierce Breathing/Terrifying; from Nacharah~To Breath or Snort Fiercely: The one said that it should be interpreted as Fierce Breathing, because it is said: “The Majesty of his Fierce Breathing (Nach’ro) is terrifying.” Iyov/Job 39:20. The other said that it should perhaps refer to the Terrifying, for his fierce breathing is that of a warhorse going out to battle, which is terrifying, for it goes on to say: “...he goes out to battle.” Iyov/Job 39:21.
    20 Terach=Destitution; from Tarach~Destitute: “...he called his name Terach, for the ravens and other birds had reduced them to destitution (T’rachah).” Yovelim/Jubilees 11:12.

    "Hashem (or: YHVH), The Lion pouring devastation (or: The Light raining desolation) and sorrow, shall bring overflowing division and evil, interwoven with fierce breathing and destitution (or: interwoven with terrifying destitution)."

    Pt-III: Av’raham~Nach'shon
    21 Av'raham= Father of a Multitude; “...but thy name shall be Av’raham; for a father of many nations I have made thee.” B’reshith/Genesis 17:5.
    22 Yitz'chak= Mockingly Laugh; from Tzachak~ To Laugh Mockingly.
    23 Ya'akov= Supplants; “...Is he not rightly called Ya’akov? For he has Supplanted me (Ya’k’veniy) these two times...” B’reshith/Genesis 27:36.
    24 Y'hudah= Praise; from Yadah~ To Lift One’s Hands as in Praise.
    25 Peretz= Breaks Forth/Breaches; from Paratz~ To Break Forth or Breach.
    26 Chetz'ron= Courtyard/ The Surrounding Wall; from Chatzer~ A Courtyard or Surrounding Wall.
    27 Aram= Exalting/Raising; from Ram~ High and Rum~ To be Lofty.
    28 Amiynadav= My People of Liberty/A Willing People; from Amiy~ My People, and N’davah~ Liberty; or Am~ A People, and Y’nadav~ Willing.
    29 Nach'shon= Rest and Quiet; from Noach~ Rest, and Shun~ Quiet.

    "The Father of a multitude mockingly laughs and supplants; praise breaks forth in the Courtyard (or: praise breaches the surrounding wall), exalting My people of liberty (or: exalting a willing people) unto rest and quiet."

    Pt-IV: Sal’mon~Leviy
    30 Sal'mon= “Clothed”.
    31 Bo'az= In Majesty; from the prefix B’~ In, and Oz~ Majesty or Strength.
    32 Oved= Servant; from Avad~ Servant.
    33 Yishay= My Deliverer; From Yesha~ Deliverance.
    34 David= The Beloved; From Dod~ Beloved.
    35 Nathan= Bestowing; from N’than~ To Give.
    36 Matatah= The Gift of Yah; from Matath’yah~ Gift of Yah.
    37 Miynah= Appointed; from Manna~ To Appoint, To Assign.
    38 Mal'yah= Fullness; from M’leah~ Fullness or Abundance.
    39 El'yakiym= God, Whom God Raised Up; from El~ God, and Yakiym~ Whom God Raised Up.
    40 Yonam= Sleep; from Yanum~ Sleep.
    41 Yoseph= Giving; from Y’saph~ To Give or Add.
    42 Y'hudah= Praise; from Yadah~ To Lift One’s Hands as in Praise.
    43 Shim'on= “Hearing With Acceptance”.
    44 Leviy= My Unity; from Lavah~ To Be Joined or Unified.

    "Clothed in Majesty is the Servant, My Deliverer of the beloved, bestowing the Gift of Yah, Appointed in the fullness of God, Whom God raised up from sleep, giving praise and hearing with acceptance My Unity."

    Pt-V: Matath~Addiy
    45 Matath= “Gift”.
    46 Yoriym= Yah Exalts; from Yoram~ Yah Exalted.
    47 Eliyezer= My God of Help; from Eliy~ My God, and Ezer~ Help.
    48 Yeshua= “Salvation”.
    49 Er= Awakens; from Ur~ To Awaken.
    50 El'm'dan= Great Judgment; El~ Great; and M’diynah~ Judgment.
    51 Kosam= Decreed; from Kesem~ To Determine by Divine Decree: “A Divine Decree (Kesem) is on the lips of a King...” Mish’ley/Proverbs 16:10.
    52 Addiy= Afterwards; from Adah~After That, Afterwards, Then.

    "The Gift Yah exalts, My God of Help and Salvation, awakens and great judgment is decreed afterwards."

    Pt-VI: Mal'kiy~Ches'liy
    53 Mal'kiy= My King; from Melekh’~ King.
    54 Neriy= My Light; from Ner~ Candle, Lamp, Light.
    55 Sh'al'tiyel= “Whom I Asked For From God”.
    56 Z'rubavel= “Scatter Confusion/Scatter Bavel (Babylon)"
    57 Reysha= Poverty; from Riysh~ Poverty.
    58 Yochanan= “Yah Has Shown Favour”.
    59 Yodah/Y'hudah= Praise; from Yadah~ To Lift One’s Hands as in Praise.
    60 Yoseph= Giving; from Y’saph~ To Give or Add.
    61 Shim'iy= “Fame”.
    62 Matith'yah= “The Gift of Yah”.
    63 Machath= Blotting Out/Destroying; from M’chath~ Erasing, Wiping Out
    64 Naggay= Affliction; from Nig’ey~ To Strike or Inflict.
    65 Ches'liy= Ravaging; from Chasal~ To Ravage or Devour

    "My King and My Light, Whom I have asked for from God, scatters confusion (or: Bavel) and (spiritual) poverty; Yah has shown favour and praise, giving fame to the Gift of Yah, which is the blotting out the affliction and ravaging."

    Pt-VII: Nachum~Leviy
    66 Nachum= Consolation/Repentance; from Nacham~ Consolation; or Nocham~ Repentance.
    67 Amotz= Established/Strengthened; From Imetz~To Establish; or Ametz~ To Strengthen.
    68 Matith'yah hyttm= “The Gift of Yah”.
    69 Yoseph= Giving; from Y’saph~ To Give or Add.
    70 Yannay= Whom Yah Answers; from Ya’anay~ Whom Yah Answers.
    71 Mal'kiy= My King; from Melekh’~ King.
    72 Leviy= My Unity; from Lavah~ To Be Joined or Unified.

    "Consolation is established (or: Repentance is strengthened) by the Gift of Yah, giving to whom Yah answers My King and My Unity.”

    Pt-8: Matath~Yeshua
    73 Matath= “Gift”.
    74 Eliy= Offered up/Ascends; From Alah~ To Offer Up (As a Sacrifice); or Illiy~ To Go Up Higher.
    75 Yoseph= Giving; from Y’saph~ To Give or Add.
    76 Yeshua= “Salvation”.

    "The Gift ascends (or:The Gift is offered up), giving Salvation!"

    I certainly hope you are blessed by this.......


    Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech Ha'Olam

    "Those who love Torah find great peace, and nothing can make them stumble." Tehillim 119:165

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    Thank you, very much, for this work. I've started reading the Tanach from beginning to end quite a few time and always had trouble staying awake through Gen 5. It is a very interesting way of looking at the names.
    Pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the [messiah] out of a pure heart. (II Tim 2:22)



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      Originally posted by hyssop

      Thank you, very much, for this work. I've started reading the Tanach from beginning to end quite a few time and always had trouble staying awake through Gen 5. It is a very interesting way of looking at the names.
      I see someone found one of my posts from another group. The genealogy of Yeshua is still being worked on and will be published in an anthology of hidden things in the Bible.

      In Yeshua,
      "And when Israel is sinful, the Messiah seeks for mercy upon them, as it is written, "By His stripes we were healed, and He carried the sins of many; and made intercession for the transgressors."** (B'reshith Rabbah)